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“Deacons, likewise, should be worthy of respect, not hypocritical, not drinking a lot of wine, not greedy for money” 1 Tim 3:8. In our study of the qualifications of a deacon or servant, we’re at –“not greedy for money.” We’re going to look at this even though we saw at the end of verse 3 that an overseer or pastor is “not to be greedy” because we have two different compound Greek words. In verse 3, Paul used ἀφιλάργυρος a compound word, which used: αργυρος meaning silver and φιλος meaning loving. So one is not to love silver or money, not to covet. Here at the end of verse 8 Paul used αἰσχροκερδής a compound word, which used: αισχροσ meaning shameful and κερδος meaning to gain. So, a deacon is not to have shameful gain. These are very close in meaning and there’s nothing wrong with the translations, but verse 3 leans more towards an inward heart desire for money and verse 8 takes it a bit further to a desire to gain money in an inappropriate way. Oh beloved, both deacon and pastor cannot have a covetous desire to obtain money, or to gain or handle money in a shameful way. They should be good stewards of what the Lord has given them by giving back their tithe and giving offerings to those in need. So too, should every child of God, but it’s a must for both deacon and pastor.





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  Dear Friend,

This November, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will release a new My Hope with Billy Graham film, which you and your church can use to share the Gospel in your community. The 30-minute program, Heaven, will feature powerful, real-life stories and a never-before-released message from my father.

Last year, we partnered with churches using the 30-minute program The Cross. We saw God answer our prayers as He drew over 100,000 people into a personal relationship with His Son. Each My Hope outreach begins and ends with prayer, and it’s not too early—or too late—to get started. Won’t you join us?



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Tuesday November 4th.

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"He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." John 7:38


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